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 ah summer break!! my goal is to do some DIY projects before school starts back.  Some for home, and others for my classroom.  I'll share links and pics on the ones I do so be sure to follow my blog so you will get the updates.

In the meantime....I'll post my laundry soap that I make. First, let me say that my hubs has psoriasis so I have to be careful what kind of soap we use(perfumes/dyes can irritate the patches).  This soap does not irritate his skin.    I found it on pinterest(love love love pinterest).  The soap is great and last my family (me and the hubs) over 1 year.  This is the 2nd time I've done the soap and it's very easy and cheap to make.  I don't have pics of the steps since I've already made it (in Feb.) but I've posted the link.

My only advice is to make sure it's in an air tight container.  I used plastic canisters with screw on lids so the mixture can be come hard (easy to break up).

1.  need a small bucket type container to mix the ingredients ( I used a small trash can with a lid)
2.  a cheese grater to grate the feels-naptha (this was the most work out of all the steps) I keep the grater in the trash can when I'm done.
3.  pour in all ingredients into your air tight container.  (you can do one at a time or alternate to make the mixing easier on you)
4.  mix all ingredients well (I use a long spoon)
5.  keep the scooper from the oxi-clean ( I use 1-2 of those for each load of laundry)

Ingredients: all found on the laundry aisle.

Arm and Hammer baking soda
Arm and Hammer super washing soda
fels-naptha or zote (I just personally like fels-naptha)
purex crystals-which ever one you like.

you can make it without the pure and oxo-clean (those just help get stains out).  It's a low suds soap so it'll be safe for your HE machines.

OH and yes the clothes still smell great.

Yes, these are the only ingredients.  They can all be found at your local store in the laundry aisle.

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